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 Book Recommendation:

Lessons in the Fundamentals of GO

by Toshiro Kageyama, 7-Dan



Four parts to this post

  1. Heuristics

  2. Excerpts

  3. Challenge

  4. Meta



Heuristics // Games –> the Grind


You want to display how smart a character is in a story?

Show them mulling over a  strategy game.

Now, just because you love playing RISK on Friday nights doesn’t make you a brilliant military strategist. Even still, I think applying heuristics from strategy games can give us a helpful point of view for how we approach our work.


Let’s consider the game, GO.



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Are you missing out on the power of checklists?

Book Recommendation:

The Checklist Manifesto: How to Get Things Right.” by Atul Gawande



  • Who would benefit from reading this book?

    If you want to improve the stability of a process you manage.


  • What could you get out of this book?

    Understanding of how a checklist is different from a “to do” list.

    How to build a checklist for yourself, and gain adoption in an organization.


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