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After much encouragement from my friend LaTish Styles and finishing reading the great book Platform by Michael Hyatt I have set-up a personal blog! 
I would encourage you to check out both of their sites:

and the book Platform , which was a very interesting read and a practical how-to manual on building a personal brand.

Blog Theme

To start with I am going to being posting at the frequency of at least once a week. My primary topic will be digging into a interesting quotation from a book I am reading. For the past months I have been posting quots. on facebook and twitter, off and on, from different books.  Just posting quots. by themselves however is not very helpful. A few other people might, ‘Like’, the quot. but nothing else really comes from it.

I want to take these thought provoking quots. and talk about why they challenged me to take action and how they changed my thinking. Sometimes they will probably be interesting facts, and the implications of the new understanding.

Overall, I think it will allow for a cohesive “book review” theme, while allowing us to delve into a variety of topics.

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