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Book Recommendation:

Stop Acting Rich: …And Start Living Like A Real Millionaire

by Thomas J. Stanley




  • Who would benefit from reading this book?

     If you need encouragement about the path you are on making purchases based on value rather than prestige. If you are not on that path and perhaps you have confused success with purchasing rather than achieving.


  • What could you get out of this book?

     If you have read The Millionaire Next Door , I think the first thing you will get is encouragement if you are following the principles from that book. Second, the research described in the book provides a shopping list of brand that millionaires buy. I found this helpful because I struggle with wanting to buy value but it’s not clear to me when the cost is for branding frills or if I’m buying a product that will last additional years. If found Stanley’s research on the purchasing habits prescriptive.

If you’ve not familiar with his earlier work, you might get an adjusted worldview about how high net worth individuals act with their money.


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