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 Book Recommendation: Confessions of a Public Speaker

By Scott Berkun




  • Who would benefit from reading this book?

     If you want to move from the hobby realm of public speaking to the professional.


  • What could you get out of this book?

     Berkun opens up the behinds the scenes on the public speaking stage. You get to see what he makes on the typical engagement, how much travel is required, and the prep. investment for those speeches. You get a mix of public speaking tips / public speaking as a job. 


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I joined a Toastmasters club in April 12′. Toastmasters is an organized forum for people to practice public speaking through the delivery of impromptu and prepared speeches.
Since I dove into Toastmasters at the beginning of this spring, I had been on the lookout for extra advice on growing my speaking ability, and  The Exceptional Presenter By Timothy J. Koegel provided me with just that.
Below are two quotes from the book that were especially impacting to me. I’ve bolded the sections that I highlighted when reading my hard copy.

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